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Various Companies, Universities, NGO's, UN and Government website career page links are in this web site. Each organisation's career page link is followed by the brief presentation. Click the link to explore the latest job advertised by these organisation's. This web site is more focused on professional jobs to the young talents.

How to navigate through this site Video presentation link also attached below.

Telegram link

Lanka Careers and Talents web site is divided in to four main pages, links are in the orange colour boxes on the top of the web site:

1. Career Sites - Links to many job & career sites
2. Talent & Skills - Upload your CV & post a job
3. Popular jobs - Jobs posted by various advertisers
4. Telegram channels - Daily job updates from various sources

1. Career Sites
The orange colour career site link is on the top of the page. Click on this link will give you many web site listing from many popular companies career web sites. New window will open when you click on the company logo of each listing. Newly opened window will give you information about the company, contact details and link to the company career site and their Facebook page or LinkedIn page. Some company do not have active career page and they use Facebook or LinkedIn page to post their job advertisement. Jobs are updated on their web sites. There are more than 500 companies listed on this web page. Your desired company may not be in the first page and you can search these companies by clicking the search button.

1.A. Search
Click on the search button and it will expand to more specific categories, as in the example below:
- Trending Job Sites - All job hunters and classified websites
- Government Jobs – All the Government departments, Institutes and Projects vacancy pages
- IT and Technology Sites - All the sites related to Information Technology company career pages
- Newspaper Classifieds – All the news paper’s job classifieds, specially Sunday News papers
- University – All the Private and Government University vacancy pages
- Hotel & Tourism – All the hotels and Travel company career pages
- Accounting and banking – All the banking, finance & investment companies career sites
- Overseas Jobs – Link to various Overseas jobs sites including UN and INGO sites.
- And many more classification based on the alphabetic order

You can choose the category by clicking on it. For example if you click on the trending job site it will give you all the headhunter’s job sites.

2. Talent & skills
The orange colour Talent & Skills link is in the top of the page. This section specifically for the talented professional candidates to upload their CV and market their skills. If you click on the photo of the candidate, new window will open with more details of the candidates with a link to LinkedIn. Search button available to select various professions.

2.A. Search
Click on the search button to get more details. Potential employer can choose candidates based on location, skill level, expected salary etc.

2.B. Opening the Account
Steps to open an account with Lanka Careers and Talents:
Click the orange colour link on Talents and Skills section on the top of the page.
Click on post your CV
New window will appear
Enter the e mail addresses and password
Pass code will be sent to your e mail.
Check your e mail for the pass code
Click again on Talents and Skill top of the page
Click on signing in
Enter your e mail, password and code.
Now your account is opened and ready to post your details.

2.B.1. Uploading CV
Potential candidate can upload their CVs in this category. Please go through the privacy policy before opening the account. Complete the information and enter the CV is PDF format. Employers can search candidates with profession skill, level salary scale, and key words. Your profile will be on the top with higher number of views.

2.B.2. For employers
Click on post jobs and follow through the process.
The details will be displayed to public after approved by the technical team within 12 hours.
If you need further assistance call us on 0701781816

3. Popular jobs
The orange colour Popular Job link is in the top of the page. This section is to post any legitimate real jobs by any head hunters, talent acquisition partners and companies, etc. Latest jobs are uploaded here. New window will open with more the details when you click on the picture. Candidates can directly apply to advertisers with details in the advert.

3.1 A. Search
Click on the search button, it will expand into more categories, based on location. Also key word search option is available. Many popular focused professions are as follows:
1. Accounting and auditing
2. IT and technology
3. Internships
4. Volunteering jobs
5. Sales and marketing
6. Remote working
4. Daily jobs updated with telegram channel
The link to connect to telegram channel is in the contribution page on this website. Daily jobs are posted by various head hunters talent acquisition partners, employers and from various sources on daily basis. You can subscribe to this channel and post various jobs or apply for any jobs posted in this channel.
If you need further assistance call us on 0707901902

Click the below link for video - How to navigate through the web site.

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